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The ArtHitects, in conjunction with Wollongong Art Gallery, have teamed up with Kyocera Document Solutions to create an immersive and illusionary art exhibition. By combining objects from the Mann-Tatlow Collection of Asian Art with thousands of over-lapping prints, the team has been able to create an immersive art installation on a monumental scale.

Although they are produced on an office copier, they are fine art prints, but they are on a scale and of a complexity that is unmatched anywhere else in the world at the present time.

- Gary Carsley, The ArtHitects

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Meet the ArtHitects

Gary Carsley and Renjie Teoh


Creating art one A4 at a time

The method of composing and overlapping smaller images gave Renjie and Gary the ability to take an image and upsize it to a large scale wall art. “We start off with actually measuring up the entire gallery space and drawing up the canvas to scale,” said Renjie, “Then we will break it up into A4s using the grid.” Gary added “the use of a grid to enlarge or upscale an image has been used in western art for more than 6 centuries and it was our innovation to apply that traditional, manual technology to a high end digital production on a scale that approximates the Sistine Chapel.”

With this method in mind, the artists then took high resolution images of the Mann-Tatlow Collection and produced over 3,563 overlapping A4 pages. These were then carefully applied to the gallery’s wall and the furniture was placed back into the art environment to create a juxtaposition between the digital animation and physical elements. In all this illusionistic, printed environment covered more than 65 lineal metres of exhibition space.


Gary and I will start to compose the illusionary architecture and I bring in my architectural prospective designs into the whole composition and using that digital file we will then break it out into A4s using the grid.

- Renjie Teoh, The ArtHitects

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When creativity and reliability meet

To bring this exhibition to life Renjie and Gary needed a reliable device that would delivery consistent colour results over and over again - the TASKalfa 2554ci was their answer. Through all their testing, reprinting and patch work, over 11,000 prints were completed and the device delivered consistent colour results. “It is by far the most reliable machine that we have ever used and it also has the best colour output” Renjie said. “We found with the Kyocera TASKalfa, that not only were the prints perfect, but it retained its colour integrity,” Gary added.

Tight deadlines also meant that any device downtime could impact the exhibition opening and added stress for Renjie and Gary. However, the TASKalfa was able to deliver all the required prints with zero paper jams and downtime. “The Kyocera machine is really reliable, we had zero paper jams,” Renjie also said “I think what sets Kyocera apart is the quality.” Gary added “It’s those things, those reliably elements that enabled the production of a work of this monumental scale and complexity.”

We produced more than 11,000 sheets for the installation of this work and they were all perfect.

- Gary Carsley, The ArtHitects

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An artistic statement enjoyed by all

The art exhibition was opened to the public on 13th March 2022 at the Wollongong Art Gallery. The work has been enjoyed by many that visited the gallery and we want to make special thanks to all those involved and especially to The ArtHitects, both Renjie and Gary, for their vision and allowing Kyocera to help bring it to reality.

Download case study in PDF

ArtHitects: Case Study
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