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Greenbank RSL were able to increase productivity and reduce costs with KYOCERA.

Kyocera Accounts Payable Solution

Data Efficiency and Accuracy Yields Success for Greenbank RSL

For 25 years Greenbank RSL has been a recognised leader in the Queensland club industry, providing extensive support and services for Returned Servicemen, as well as financially supporting both local and state communities.

Greenbank RSL deal with numerous suppliers and wanted to be able to continue to provide a high level of service, however their accounts department was experiencing significant issues with its supplier invoice processing system. Their incumbent system was dated, manual and largely paper based. It lacked department accountability and was prone to avoidable errors. A main issue was valuable time and money was being used that could be better directed elsewhere in the department and business.

The club sought Kyocera's assistance to help transform their system to meet key businesses objectives.



The club was looking to implement a fast and seamless process with key goals:

  • A reduced workload was a priority, to better target the department's time
  • Streamlined practices were important, to speed up the flow of invoices through to reconciliation and minimise hold-ups and errors
  • A progressive yet simple, digital work flow

Our supplier invoice processing system was costly and unreliable. We needed help to install a 21st century work flow solution.

- Greenbank RSL


the greenbank rsl solution:

Greenbank RSL viewed Kyocera as the right fit for the job because of our unique understanding of integrated work flow solutions and our 50% cost advantage over the incumbent. They valued our Customer-First approach and our command of technology driven document solutions.

We believed Abbyy FlexiCapture would be ideal for Greenbank RSL's needs and applied work flow automation and optimisation, to transform a complex process into a simple digital work flow.

The result was a high performance, top-to-bottom system that confidently manages everything from the receipt of invoices, through to supplier statement reconciliations with necessary speed and efficiency.

Kyocera helped us make the seamless transition to a truly efficient invoice processing system. The benefits are still adding up, and our suppliers are very happy with timely payments.

- Greenbank RSL


Performance - The solution automatically recognises, checks, classifies and validates data from mail and email invoices.


Protection - The integrity of the invoice payment system is strengthened through Electronic Security enhancements


Speed - Data captured is matched ot the Supplier Masterfile and goes directly to the manager responsible. The authorisation process is automated by using electronic signatures and file transfer


Logic - Electronic invoices are easily located on the server by supplier name and invoice amount, so the Finance Department can access easily

One person used to spend 25 hours per week on invoicing; now it takes just 4 - all the work is automated for us

- Greenbank RSL

the results for greenbank rsl:

  • Implementing the Kyocera solution delivered several measurable improvements and big results for Greenbank RSL, that:
  • Reduced invoice process work flow time by 84%
  • Decreased processing costs by 50%
  • Minimised manual work and reduced workload for the accounts department
  • Increased data accuracy, integrity and accountability for department managers
  • Impressive return on investment