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Mildura Base Public Hospital (MBPH) has a long and successful history of providing high-quality care to the community. Constructed in the 1930s, the Mildura Base Hospital was built as part of a Government initiative to establish a comprehensive system of hospital care throughout the state. Servicing a broad geographical area, MBPH’s 1200+ staff helps to fill the void between charity hospitals and fully privatised institutions.

We are trying to pay people on time and it is always the same scenario, where is invoice X, where is invoice Y

- Terry Welch, CEO, Mildura Base Public Hospital

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The Challenge:

MBPH was experiencing issues with the accounts payable processes. From lost invoices, missed payments, lack of visibility across their workflows and the inability to process invoices when key approvers were away. Their previous system was also run across multiple spreadsheets which caused ongoing issues with duplicate invoices being processed and files not being kept up to date.

“We had problems start to finish, from visibility of invoices of where they were in workflows, to how many dollars we had outstanding in an organisation before we process them into ORACLE” said Desiree Ferguson, Finance Accounts Payable.

The Solution:

MBPH knew they had to improve their accounts payable department to keep up with the level of invoices they were receiving each month. They also wanted to increase accuracy and accountability, ensuring that invoices were paid correctly, on time, free from errors and without double payments.

To help them achieve this, they turned to Kyocera Document Solutions and implemented a solution that allows them to scan directly to their ERP system. By turning the documents into digital files, MBPH was then able to extract data such as invoice numbers, supplier information, bank details and invoice values and import this directly into their ERP system.

“It’s all electronically recorded, I don’t have to chase spreadsheets, I don’t have to rely on my team to keep those spreadsheets accurate,” said Teresa Boylan-Kelly, Medical Workforce Manager.

It enables it to electronically come through to me, ultimately, with all the approvals in place, I simply click approve, away it goes, our payments are made

- Terry Welch, CEO, Mildura Base Public Hospital

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The Result

By implementing a solution that allows MBPH to easily scan and import data directly to their ERP system, Kyocera Document Solutions was able to streamline and automate their document process.

By moving to a digital solution, MBPH were able to increase the speed and accuracy of their invoice process. Invoices were getting paid on time and they were able to eliminate all double payments within their system. “It also protects us from duplication as well, because we do get a number of those coming through the system,” said Teresa Boylan-Kelly, Medical Workforce Manager.

“It’s transformed our business, we are paying people on time, no more lost invoices, no more lost paperwork, which is the most important thing, and it has certainly made things much easier for our team, much easier for me, and it gives me great reassurance that we are paying people on time, as we should, for the great work they do,” Terry Welch, CEO Mildura Base Public Hospital.