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Youth Support and Advocacy Service (YSAS) is one of Australia’s largest community service organisations focusing specifically on the wellbeing of disadvantaged and at-risk youth. Operating since 1998 as Victoria’s first dedicated youth service, YSAS now has 400 skilled staff working across 19 sites in metropolitan and regional Victoria.

YSAS provides practical support and evidence-based clinical services for young people experiencing serious substance abuse problems or mental health issues, as well as early intervention for at-risk youth and their families. Their mission is to empower young people to build a sense of confidence and self-determination through connection and resilience-based support.

Having a primary print partner like Kyocera means that everything is handled and we know we have someone we can trust. Their systems are quick, easy and innovative, while also being reliable and cost-efficient.

- David Jeffery, General Manager, Advocacy and Communication

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Challenges and Solutions

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Their large print fleet made it hard to manage costs

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No integrated printing solution across all the devices spanning their different sites

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Needed more oversight

Difficult to manage and oversee consumable stocks on top of regular day-to-day tasks

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Wanted to reach their CSR goals and operate more sustainably

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Cost-effective pricing

Introduction of Kyocera's Three Tier Colour System that automatically assigns costs based on the amount on colour used on each page, so YSAS only pays for the colour they use

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Purpose-built solutions

A streamlined system offering the one interface that enables them to securely print from anywhere across their 19 sites

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Greater convenience

A Managed Print Service (MPS) that allows YSAS to monitor print consumable levels across all their devices and sites

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Sustainable solutions

Recyclable print consumables and energy-efficient devices, contributing to eco-friendly outcomes.

Young man and his mother receiving youth support

The Challenge:

With a sizable fleet of 80 printing devices across their 19 sites, YSAS’s running costs were straining their budget and taking resources away from their important work with youth. Managing the fleet took up considerable time and energy, and without an integrated network, staff had to learn how to use multiple devices, wasting time and causing added stress.

“At YSAS, our biggest priority is about reaching out to young people. So wherever we can save time and money to focus on that, we will,” said David Jeffrey, General Manager, Advocacy and Communication at YSAS.

The organisation needed help to find the right technology to do their jobs more efficiently and cost-effectively. They also wanted to reduce their environmental impact by choosing a more eco-friendly solution that would still enable them to operate in a busy office environment.

“We wanted to partner with a company who actually cared about the environment and who was playing an active role in combatting climate change,” said Chris Chen, YSAS’ IT Manager.

The Solution:

YSAS wanted to consolidate their entire print fleet under one provider and were looking at ways to be more cost-effective and efficient. They chose to implement a managed print service (MPS) which enabled them to maintain their high-quality print standards while improving efficiency and flexibility, and reducing costs.

Convenience has also been improved with Kyocera’s print release technology that enables team members to release their print job when they’re at the device. An integrated network with a single interface also makes it easier for staff to use the devices regardless of the site they’re at. 

“I can print securely and confidentially wherever I am,” said YSAS’ Office Administrator, Shell Roberts, who works between three different sites.

With Kyocera’s unique Three Tier Colour System, YSAS only pays for colour printing based on the percentage of colour on the page, as opposed to a single price per page regardless of how much colour is used.

“The three-tier pricing model was fantastic for us because it allowed us to save costs without compromising on quality,” said Chris.

The team are also particularly grateful for the additional support that Kyocera provides in managing their fleet, such as automatically ordering new toner as required and recycling cartridges.

“Kyocera monitors our printers so I don’t have to order cartridges anymore, which is amazing and saves me so much time. They also pick up our used cartridges for recycling, so the admin staff don’t have to go to a collection point anymore, which is much easier,” said Shell.

Their new printing network also helps YSAS meet their sustainability goals. They’ve been able to implement default settings across all their devices, such as double-sided printing to save paper and black and white printing to save money that they can put towards their youth services.

We really love working with Kyocera at YSAS and I’d recommend them to any organisation, whether you’re a nonprofit or a larger company.

- David Jeffery, General Manager, Advocacy and Communication

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The Result

The team at YSAS love their new managed print solution and the transparent, reliable service that Kyocera provides.

“Having a primary print partner like Kyocera means that everything is handled and we know we have someone we can trust. Their systems are quick, easy and innovative, while also being reliable and cost-efficient,” said David.

The IT team are also on board with the partnership, appreciating both the technology that Kyocera offers, as well as the service and support.

“Their printing hardware and document management systems are excellent. And their account management and technical support teams are exceptional,” said Chris. “They take away all pressure and stress associated with managing such a large fleet. I really consider Kyocera an extension of our team.”

“We really love working with Kyocera at YSAS and I’d recommend them to any organisation, whether you’re a nonprofit or a larger company,” added David.

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